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  • Brassware, handicrafts, leather, silver and textiles are India's trademark handicrafts
  • India - the craftshop of the world

India is considered the craftshop of the world! India is the largest brass-making region in the world and according to historians the art has been practiced in the country for over 5 million years. Today India is also one of the largest exporters of brass to the rest of the world. Its artisans are known for their unique and varied skills in treating the metal.

Traditional Indian textiles are enchanting and have romantic origins that date back several centuries. No other land enjoys such a profusion of creative energies for the production of textiles. Here the styles of weaving and the choice of material are dependent on the topography of the place and the influences of the various cultures prevalent in each region.

Shopping for leather in India is a real pleasure because you can buy high quality leather at a fraction of the normal price. Most leather is exported out of India to high fashion boutiques in the fashion capitals of the world.

Ancient art and modern styles combine to create fascinating traditional jewelry in India. The vast variety will leave you delirious. Fashionably shaped funky silver is among the most popular materials for delicate ornaments all over India.

Shopping for these traditional handicrafts is an absolute must for any visitor to India. The experience of the purchase is almost as much fun as owning it!

If you are looking for quality, try to shop only in government handicraft shops. These prices are fixed and the quality is certified. If that is not an option, make sure you bargain with the vendor for a lower asking price as you could be conned. It is suggested that you shop around before making your choice.

The most popular destinations for shopping in India include the major cities of Delhi, Jaipur, Udaipur, Agra, Mumbai (Bombay), Calcutta, Chennai (Madras), Hyderabad and Ahmedabad with numerous emporiums dotted around the city centers and outskirts. These shopping areas are often surrounded by restaurants and entertainment areas to completing the shopping experience.

Once you have decided on your item of choice, ensure that you are fully satisfied with your purchases and that you obtain a proper receipt as return of goods is not entertained. Most shops that sell to tourists welcome the major credit cards.

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